Maryland Green Purchasing

Alvin Collins, Secretary
Maryland Green Purchasing Committee

Purpose and Scope

Maryland is continually seeking ways to conserve energy and preserve the environment, which can also result in substantial cost savings. Minimizing the environmental impact associated with manufacturing, using, and disposing of equipment and related consumables is a benefit for all Maryland citizens. The Maryland Green Purchasing Guidelines provide best practices for energy management and for obtaining, utilizing, and disposing of commodities necessary to carry out the function of state government.

The provisions of these guidelines apply to all units in the Executive Branch of the State of Maryland unless an exception has been previously approved.

1. Specifications
The Specifications Sub-Committee is responsible for creating the guidelines required by the Act.
  Richard Norling, DNR
2. Reporting
The Reporting Sub-Committee is responsible for establishing a mechanism to promote the annual reporting of the types and quantities of materials recycled and the production and submission of the report to MDE.
  Bill Kamberger, MDE
3. Strategy/Communications
The Strategy/Communications Sub-Committee is responsible for addressing inter-governmental issues and coordinating with other State and Federal agencies, as well as developing the Green Purchasing Committee marketing strategy and campaign, delivering training materials for all State agency Procurement Officers, and engaging people across the State in the process. The sub-committee also plays an integral part in the development of the Green Purchasing Committee website and the annual report.
  Mike Haifley, MDOT
4. Energy
The Energy Sub-Committee is responsible for developing best practices for achieving energy efficiency through the implementation of policies that reduce operating times for the heating ventilation and air conditioning systems in state-owned buildings. The sub-committee is also tasked to look at increasing energy efficiency of new and existing computer servers and data storage center operations.
  Lauren Buckler, DGS
5. Legislative Review/Policy
The Legislative Review/Policy Sub-Committee is responsible for identifying and reviewing legislation that may impact the work of the Green Purchasing Committee, as well as considering and implementing policy related to the Green Maryland Act. The sub-committee will also suggest what comment or action the Committee should consider as it relates to specific legislation.
  Joan Cadden, DGS

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Point of Contact
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