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Surplus Property

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DGS sells Maryland’s surplus assets through an online auction. This is much more convenient, green and cost saving to our customers.

Current assets available can be viewed at:

Registration is not necessary to browse the site; however, you must register with before participating in actual bidding.

Local Jurisdictions/Non-Profit and Local Jurisdictions Instructions for Site Use

To be eligible to participate in donations of State of Maryland surplus assets Cities, Counties & Municipal government agencies & Non - Profit organizations” must register on, and request participation on the Local Jurisdictions/Non-Profit Tier:

Non-Profit Organization and Local Jurisdictions may request surplus items at no cost on this special GovDeals tier.  The property is listed for 5 days.  You may also subscribe to e-mail notification.

Non-Profit Organizations must submit State Form Exhibit 3 (complete the bottom portion only) and mail a letter of request along with a copy of their 501(c)(3) to the DGS Inventory Standards and Support Services Division for approval.

All forms should be mailed to:

Maryland Department of General Services
Inventory Standards and Support Services Division
301 West Preston Street, Room 1009A
Baltimore, MD 21201

To Join Local Jurisdictions/Non-Profit Organizations or State Agency Tier:

Go to
Login with your Username and Password
Click on Tiers
Click on Select Seller
Click on State of Maryland in the drop-down window and click on Select
Click on Select beside the “Local Jurisdictions/Non-Profit”
To receive automatic notification of “new items” posted, select YES for notification
(Your membership in this tier should be approved in three business days)

Federal Surplus Property Donation Program

The Federal Surplus Property Donation Program enables certain non-federal organizations such as local jurisdictions (state, city, county, towns and villages) and non profit organizations to obtain surplus property from the Federal government under the authority of Title 40 of the United States Code (U.S.C.), Section 549 based on an application process. The Department of General Services/MSPD is the designated state agency to administer the Federal donation program in the State of Maryland via the transfer process.

Personal property includes all types and categories of property, except land and real property, certain naval vessels and records of the federal government. Examples of surplus property are:

  • Communication and electronic equipment, including computers
  • Furniture/Motor vehicles/Clothing/Medical equipment supplies
  • Hand and machine tools/Appliances/Hardware/Boats
  • Construction equipment/Airplanes/Generators/Etc

If your application is approved, your organization will be called a “Donee”. As a Donee you can then screen and request available property via the following methods Springfield GSA warehouse, other holding federal agency or, the online resource website  Although you may search for property on your own, all requests for property must be made by the SASP.

 ******The Donee is assessed a service charge based on the acquisition cost of the property.  The Maryland Department of General Services Fiscal Services division will invoice you for the service charge******

 Generally, the Donee must agree to place the property into use in Maryland within one year of the acquisition, and continue the property use for:

  • One year---for property with a unit acquisition value of less than $5,000
  • Eighteen Months---for passenger motor vehicles or any item of property having a unit acquisition value of $5,000 or more;
  • Five years—for aircraft and vessels 50 feet or more in length
  • In perpetuity—for combat-configured aircraft, and firearms

A clear title to donated property is not granted until all restriction criteria are met. Violations of any of the conditions or restrictions may require return of the property to the SASP, or reimbursement of fair market value if the property is unable to be recovered.


State Surplus Program


Federal Surplus Donation Program