State ID Badges

The Department of General Services puts a premium on safety at all of the buildings it owns or maintains. More than 1 million tourists, legislators, lobbyists and members of the media do business in DGS-maintained buildings such as the historic State House, the oldest state capital in continuous legislative use.

To ensure public safety, DGS’ police force is responsible for issuing identification cards to the various groups who do business with the State within its buildings. Visitors are not eligible to receive these identification cards, but it is easy to gain access to DGS facilities without such a card. Visitors must have a valid driver’s license or other form of approved identification such as a a Motor Vehicle Administration issued ID card or a passport and must proceed through safety Magnetometers in some buildings. Upon successfully doing so, visitors are given a daily DGS adhesive visitors pass which they must keep them with while in DGS facilities. This gives visitors access to all public places such as Senate and House committee rooms where they may be testifying on behalf of legislation, listening to testimony, watching Senate or House proceedings from the balconies of the State House or just touring the historic facilities.

For those who do regular business with the State, most are eligible to receive laminated identification badges. No one is allowed into a State building without an identification badge.

State employees must contact their agencies’ personnel office for a form to be filled out with basic information before getting their picture taken at a DGS ID Center (see below for more information). There is no cost to State employees for these badges.

Members of the media also must be approved for laminated badges. There is no cost for members of accredited media. There is a $50 per year cost for registered lobbyists, non-registered lobbyists, local (municipal or county) government staff and union staff. There is also a $15 cost for contractors. For all who receive laminated badges, there is a $50 first-timer, replacement cost, $100 for second-time replacement cost and $250 for third- and subsequent replacement costs.

Laminated identification badges are processed in two locations:


29 St. Johns Street
Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 260-2941 or (410) 260-2942


201 W. Preston Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 767-2401 or  (410) 767-1910